Wednesday, January 20, 2010

“If you truly want something, the entire universe conspires to help you”

This was one of the recent status updates of a friend in Facebook and it was something hard for my mind to accept. Sounding a bit dramatic to me, I had my own arguments against it. We had a good conversation (healthy argument) regarding this and I still stand opposite to the phrase with all contention I can put up. I have my own mind, which has an independent thought process, and it is something that cannot be fooled with false logics and virtual scenes that doesn't sounds real to me. Sometimes I may sound biased but in the general course I try not to be, but there are still circumstances that govern how one thinks, and what one feels, plagued by their own experiences and play of life, a mind somewhat seems to be blocked from the outer world, the depositions highly biased and specific to some events, after all a human mind is a human mind. Still my statements does consider these facts before passing out a judgment, bit its always what "I" think, though I try my best to be generic and unbiased, but in the end it's "me", a usual "somebody" whose thoughts are the reflections of this "somebody's" life and surroundings. These things govern the thought of any "somebody", and every "somebody" is as much an individual as I am. The only difference is, it (the circumstances one passes through) doesn't governs my thought process, which is independent of my personal experiences, and I don't pass a judgment on my personal opinions, rather I try to be generic, looking at something with a multidimensional perspective.

This "little" phrase doesn't calls for such a huge argument but it was something I couldn't help. I felt it was calling me for justice and thus coerce me into writing this. There have been a couple of situations in which, others around me and I have been, each one independent of the other that prohibits me from agreeing with the phrase. I preferred not to indulge myself into any further arguments as an argument has no end, and neither party is convinced, it's just who surrenders first. An argument only ends when one of the parties either surrenders or looses points to stand up for the argument, and in the end, no one is convinced with the other. In order to preserve the dignity, and not be offensive to any one, I preferred to put it into words. After all blogs are good vents for frustrated minds. (Well this last line is pun intended).

Here are some excerpts from the conversation.

ME: Wish I had been so lucky! For me it goes the opposite, if I truly want something, the whole universe conspires against me. :(

This was a casual comment on my part, with a tint of mischief.

Friend: it means that you hav still not given ur 100%.... tough job but the results pay u back ... only patience and focus is all what is needed.

This rippled my mind and made me think about it with a deeper introspection. Did I lack the commitment? Wasn't I focused? Didn't I had the patience to wait?

ME: Well what is the parameter for 100%, and as for patience, how long should one wait? We don't have a second life to fulfill our dreams. As per my experience, many a times I have put what I call "more than 100%", and a lot of patience, but still, things slipped out of my hands like grains of sand. People die and are consumed, waiting and hoping all their life. Putting out everything they could and waiting "it" to happen! However, it never did.

Well this was biased and a more specific reaction, based on my personal and "not very happy" experiences. However, it still holds some truth. There are/were people with some dreams. Hanker after it. Their carving getting stronger with every passing moment. Putting out everything, they could along with their life. However it didn't worked out the way they wanted it to.

Friend: you will never need another life for it man.... u can get what you desire at your disposal .... only u hav to check ur 100% parameters once again .... every person has their own perspective....

Yeh, it is all about perspective. All depends on one's personal experiences and the trials and tribulations one has to go through. Moreover, "every time" not "everything" works out for "everyone". In the end, it is all about how it ends. :) It's what shapes the viewpoint of a person. In addition, there still are people who are rigid and even a series of events good or bad doesn't seem to move them, and the stick to their perspective, whatever may come, but this doesn't usually happens with everyone. As a generic case, the "past" moulds the "present" of a person. The views, the actions and the expressions of a person are be closely related to the past as it is the period of learning, what we call as experiences. Good or bad.

So again, it is all about perspective. "Perspective of an individual." Can it be contemplated with a wider perspective, not restricting it to an individual?

While putting-up the 100 percent thing, does one has a parameter. What it means? What would be the benchmark? That too depends on perspective, but it is never ending and the definitions can be vague. It is something like carrot and stick. However far one goes, but is always few inches short and thus the walk never ends. How hard one may try, but is always missing it by a few inches. In the end, consumed in the run but never reaching the carrot.

Stories and phrases are "stories and phrases". There is always a character the "protagonist", and usually, as in most of the cases, it always ends up "for" the protagonist. Again, that's the writers perspective and it is he who decides how the story should flow. It all depends on the writer, how he projects the course of the protagonist, what event comes to his mind that affects the protagonist. In the real life, things are quite different. There is no writer to guide one's story, and set up a scene. These are the very individual, facing some real circumstances, and the plot of their story is beyond their control. They are the protagonist but things doesn't always ends up "for" them.

But like the one "me" standing in the crowd, there are them too, or say there are a lots of mes and yous and theys out there in the crowd. And for each of "us" the scenes are different, characters are different, and there is no writer to set the story, everyone is a book.

P.S. I don't have any grudges with my life or anything like that. I am something like a happy-go-lucky person, with some small aspirations and big dreams. So this views should not be interpreted otherwise. These are just the fragments that suit the logical thinking of my "human brain", after relating to several characters around me.